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1. Challenges in Indian Education

2. Psychology in Education

3. Educational Management

4. Language Education ( Mother Tongue)

5. Language Education ( English )

6. Mathematics Education

7. Science Education

8. Social Science Education

9. Educational Technology

10. Physical Education, Yoga and Health Education

11. Art Education and work Experience

The first three papers will be completed in the first year. Papers IV to VIII will be taught in both the years, focusing on teaching the respective subjects in standards I to V in first year and in Standards VI to VIII in the 2 nd year. Papers IX to XI will be spread over the two years as practical classes meant for internal assessment only.


Each Student teacher will have an intensive practice-cum-observation in an identified school for a period of 40 days each year. In the 1 st year the internship will relate to Standard I to V and in the 2 nd Year to Standard VI to VIII. Internship will be preceded by five days of training in Micro-teaching skill in the DIETs. TTIs in the first year only.

Bridge Course:

To equip different groups of Student teachers with balanced content competency in all the subjects taught in elementary schools, a bridge course will be conducted for 10 days based on the needs of each group.


There will be internal assessment and external examination in each year. The external examination will be conducted by Director of Government Examination.

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